Women of faith
"Women of faith" is a project which first took place in Armenia where
religion plays an important role.
The knowledge and different experiences with the religious diversities around the world led to the development of this project.
There is a wide range of religions around the world, including the monotheistic, such as Christian, Judaism and Islamic, and the non Abrahamic, Hindu and Buddhist amongst many others, including the Afro.
The project's aim is not only being a religion photographic record, but also depicting faith and rituals of women in their moments of prayer in an attempt to capture the emotion related to the theme through photography.
Desire for the future
The series "Desire for the future" is a register of children who inhabit countries that hold unpredictable future.
Living in permanent chaos where the facial tensions show the reality of a decimated country by conflicts, the children's faces still smile despite playing in places marked by wars, between scraps and having war tanks as a typical scenery.
Afghan blue
Documentary project which aims at the feminine universe and the burka as an essential item of clothing.
The setting is Afghanistan, a wrecked country by more than thirty years of war and repressed by a rigid culture of deep religious interpretations.
The frightening environment leads to the understanding of a routine basedon the comfort with the burka custom. The angles and movements allow us to observe vanities that the naked eyes would leave unnoticed and that only the photographer is able to eternalize.
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